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C31 Melbourne and Geelong is going digital.
Find out what this means for you.


C31 now in Digital!

After a long campaign to secure a digital licence, one was granted to C31 by the Federal Government in 2009. The works required to begin broadcasting in digital have now been completed, and we're sending out a digital signal. This means that you can now pick C31 up on your digital TV or set top box! For more information about tuning in for the first time, please click here.

We are aware that some programs are being broadcast with a black border around them. This is because many of our programs are not in widescreen, and therefore not the correct size for our widescreen broadcast. This will be phased out as we begin to accept widescreen programs.

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What if I don't have a Digital TV?

C31 will be simulcasting, which means our existing analogue service will continue to operate in addition to our new digital service. This will continue until analogue transmission is switched off by the Federal Government in 2013.

For more information about the Federal Government's analogue switch off, please visit the Digital Ready website.



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